Chosen Ones … Part 3: Our Son Alec :-)

What an honour and a privilege it is to be a mother :-) … a chosen mother of a beautiful and amazing baby boy!! There is a reason I’ve been quiet. I’ve spent the last month bonding with my son Alec. My son who has the most amazingly brave Birth Mother (BM). My son who has a doting and completely love struck mother and father being LH and I. My son who is the most incredible little human being I’ve ever known. I’ve been totally and completely immersed in him since his arrival.

At the time of writing my last blog entry, little did I know that Alec had already been born. We met with our BM on 19th September. Later that very same day, in the evening, she went into labour. Our son Alec was born in the early hours of Friday 20th September. Over that weekend we gleefully went shopping for our son and sent text messages to our social worker asking if there was any news. No news was the feedback. Tuesday 24th, the public holiday and the day of our son’s expected birth date, we again sent messages whilst shopping for essential items and short-listing others, as only the best would do for our expected bundle, but we had so much to learn in such a short period of time! Wednesday 25th September, whilst I was waiting patiently for our dog Bruno who was at his weekly swimming and physio appointment for his gammy legs, I received a call from our social worker at 11:34. Was I sitting down? “Yes! … Is BM in labour?” … Even better … your son was born early hours of Friday 20th September, he’s healthy, he’s gorgeous, he’s been in ‘kangaroo care’ since then and you can hear him crying in the background … BM is ready to do the hand over as per her wishes … today at 1pm.

To say my heart skipped a beat and then started racing is an understatement. As my eyes welled up with tears of joy, I nervously said my excited goodbyes on the phone. With my hands shaking, I called LH to share the news. At the time my call came through, his office were in the process of throwing a baby shower for him. I raced home, running through the list of things we still had to get before fetching our son. A crib / cot was one of the essential items we had short listed but not purchased as yet. As I pulled into the driveway with an oblivious, but contented pooch in the back seat, LH pulled in behind me with a boot full of presents for our son we were going to meet in just less than an hour.

Meeting our son for the first time was the most incredible experience of my life. Receiving him from his BM was a deeply emotional moment for all of us. I held her hand and hugged her deeply, promising from the depths of my heart to love, adore, cherish and do my best for the little baby boy, a part of her, she was entrusting us with.

We drove home with crib and other essentials in the boot of the car and our son Alec in his car seat – our family … 5 years after our journey had begun.

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