First Time Parenting … At 40+

With all of our milestones (60 and 90 days) behind us, the bottle of Dom Perinon popped, and with our adoption papers submitted to the courts, I’m starting to really get into the flow of motherhood. Up until the lapse of the 90 days, my title of “mom” hung in the balance, as it could have been stripped from me at any moment … but no more. It’s now officially official … I’m a mother! Mother to the most beautiful and delicious little boy in the world … at the ripe age of 41 … going on 42 years old.

For someone who swore to never be an older mother and to have completed her family in her 30′s … I can safely say that starting a family later than most has it’s challenges and it’s benefits. The challenges are minor in that one tends to be set in one’s ways and perhaps a little selfish when reaching 40 with no little feet in tow. Enter newborn cherub … and your life is instantly turned on it’s head, but all in a magical and strangely wonderful way. I’ve found the benefits of being an ‘older’ mother to be enormous. Perhaps it’s my life experiences that have made me a calmer and more confident mother? As one of the ‘older’ mothers in a mommies group I’m part of, I notice a lot of anxiety and uncertainty with some of the younger moms, who are often second guessing themselves instead of following their instincts. Perhaps my hours and long nights of nursing sick and ailing rescued kittens and puppies over the years, non of whom could ‘speak’ for themselves, tapped into my inner voice which told me to listen to my instincts and given me better insight when ‘listening’ to my son’s needs? … Or perhaps I just don’t get it and have missed the plot completely! Maybe I’m the one who’s back is turned towards the erupting volcano and can’t quite understand what all the panic around me is about. LOL!! Who knows? What I do know is that I’m thoroughly enjoying being a mother and would do this all over again in a heartbeat given another chance or opportunity, despite the lack of sleep and it taking me 3 days to do something simple like paint my toenails! ROFL!!!

With Alec’s half year birthday coming up on 20th, it seems like just yesterday that he was a tiny little bundle. Time has flown by so incredibly quickly and he’s growing so fast. I’m glad I’ve documented and continue to document almost everything in photos. I’m a little paparazzi crazy … but then who could blame me?

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