Who is “The Absolute Barrenness”?

Infertility is a funny thing. You always think it will happen to somebody else, but never to you.

My story begins in 2007 years ago at 34 years young :-) , when I met the wonderful man who was to become my husband. 5 years later, our nest remains empty and not through any lack of trying. At the time we never imagined that within 5 years, I/we would have:
- given up my 20 year career in IT, as a successful Sales & Marketing Director for an international IT company
- dealt with horrendous mistakes made by doctors
- learnt that medicine is not as advanced as we all like to think and doctors make mistakes
- lost our precious healthy baby daughter just short of 5 months into the pregnancy
- lost my uterus
- needed the help of a surrogate mother
- opened up our lives to strangers who ultimately hold our dreams in their hands
- ventured down the route of adoption and never looked back

This is our story. Our story of despair, angst, hope and blessings. Our story of adoption. Our hope that it will help and guide those who find themselves in a similar situation. Our hope that it will provide courage and inspiration to anyone facing emotional hard times and difficult decisions.

Just know that you’re not alone …

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With loads of love, peace & harmony,
The Absolute Barreness

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